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Flower Box - Jak pielęgnować kwiaty?

Today a few words about Flower Boxes, or Flowers in a Box! 💐 It is the most desirable floral gift for any occasion.☝️

Having this miracle at home, we should take care of it properly so that it will please our eyes for as long as possible. The flower box is a perfect gift not only for women, but also for men 🎁

Live flowers in a flower box are placed in a wet floristic sponge, which must be refilled with water once every 1-2 days, especially on hot days.

How to do it

💦 Gently open the flowers in the composition and add 150-200 ml of water in a thin stream, trying not to wet the flowers and the box.

✔️ It is best for the added water to be boiled and left standing so that it does not contain calcium compounds that are harmful to plants.

❌🍎 The flowers cannot stand near the fruit because they produce ethylene, which accelerates the process of bleeding.

🌬 Avoid placing flower boxes in the air, and also do not expose them to rapid changes in temperature, which can cause the flowers to wither in a few hours.

If you have any questions regarding the care of bouquets, flower boxes or plants, feel free to ask our florists! 😇

Flower BOX from Kwiaciarnia Eliza Flowers can be ordered with delivery in Lublin and the surrounding area. Cordially invited;)

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