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Freshness manual

Fresh cut flowers are very delicate and require delicacy. Flowers behave best at a temperature of + 2 ... + 7 degrees, they do not tolerate frosts, heat and sudden changes in temperature.

Each flower in a mixed bouquet has its own vitality, some plants stay fresh longer than others. One of the characteristics of cut flowers is that they are not durable.

Our ELIZA FLOWERS team, we check the freshness and quality of our flowers every day and we want them to delight you as long as possible!

#Elizaflowers #kwiaciarnialublin #lublin - Before placing the flower in water, trim 2-3 cm of the stem at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife, large scissors or pruning shears to increase the area absorbed by the water stem. Trim stems with each water change to ensure proper plant nutrition. Change the water daily to prevent the formation of pathogenic microflora. When changing the water, wash the vase with an antibacterial agent.

- Find a suitable place for a vase of flowers. It should be cool with a supply of fresh air, away from heating devices, drafts and direct sunlight. It is not recommended to place flowers near fruits and vegetables.

- Top up the vase with water as the flowers absorb and evaporate throughout the day. This is especially true of hot weather and rooms with dry air. There should be enough water in the container so that a third of the stems are submerged in the water. Remove leaves and withered parts of flowers from the water - they trigger the growth of bacteria which accelerate the destruction of flowers. Use special additives that extend the life of the plants. Do not use sugar and other folk remedies!

- Keep an eye on the amount of water in the vase, many flowers such as tulips and peonies consume it in large amounts. If the flower shoots are placed in a flower sponge, add water every 1-2 days to keep it moist.

- If the bouquet or composition contains flowers on the florist accessories, water should be added to them, as the plant absorbs water. For decorative elements on wooden extension cords and short branches of greenery, no special care and water supply is required.

- It is not recommended to leave bouquets without water for a long time, leave bouquets and compositions in a car with an engine idling for more than 5 minutes (especially in winter and in hot weather), as well as carry fresh flowers at temperatures below +2 degrees without insulation.

If the bouquet has wilted partially or completely too quickly, be sure to follow our recommendations. Kwiaciarnia Lublin Eliza Flowers Zamów z dostawą w Lublinie

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