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How to care for cut flowers? Fresh flowers as long as possible with Eliza Flowers 10 rules.

Flowers are a joy for the first day and for many days after. But in order to enjoy the flowers again and again, they must be properly cared for.

If you want to enjoy flowers placed in a vase of water for a long time, follow these rules.

1. The ends of the flower stems should be cut with a sharp tool at an angle of 1.5-3 cm, which does not tear and leaves a smooth cut (which we care about). It is best to use a sharp knife for this purpose, it is better not to cut with pruning shears that tear the stems. After pruning, the flowers must be put in water right away! If they dry out, they will need to be trimmed again.

2. Remove the leaves from the stem, leaving only a few leaves on the flower itself.

3. Fill the vase with fresh water and add plant food (if you have one) that does not contain any chemical or other harmful additives

4. Put the flowers in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources

5. Change the water preferably every day or every other day.

6. Do not overflow flowers, usually 1/3 of a vase or container is enough.

7. Cut dead flowers from the stem.

8. Remove any leaves that fall into the vase to prevent bacterial growth.

9. Keep flowers away from pets or children.

10. Enjoy the longevity of flowers ;)

In our flower shop, we add a leaflet with flower care to each order. #elizaflowers #howtotakecareofflowers #careforflowers #floristlublin

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